Read me first!

What is a wholesale customer account?

If you:

  1. Retail transformers and mecha related products
    1. Either via an online portal or a brick and mortar store,

Then you qualify for a wholesale customer account.

As a wholesale customer, you are required to:

  1. Retail your products at the Suggested Retail Prices
    1. Do let us know if you wish to run any promotional campaigns- campaigns should not be long term in nature.
  2. Order based off the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for each product.
  3. Offer the first line of assistance to consumers for returns, warranty claims, etc.

Ordering Policy

Our policy regarding Pre-Orders.

At That’s Just Prime, our policy regarding pre-orders are simple:

  1. No deposit needed for pre-orders. This applies for all Pre-Orders except for situations where full payment is required on our end upon the placement of the order. However such situations are rare, unless the items are expected to be very popular and stocks are limited.
  2. Full payment prior to shipping. When we will advise you when a pre-order item is ready to ship from our warehouse, at that point, full payment will be required before your item is shipped. Your payment will also serve as the final confirmation of your order.


Indent items are items that have already been launched and are ready for shipping. These items are not in Singapore but are in our warehouse abroad, ready to be shipped.

As with a Pre-Order, full payment serves as a confirmation of your order and is required prior to shipping.

In Stock

In stock items are items that are already here in Singapore. These items are available for Cash on Delivery (COD) and are usually limited in stock. From time to time, we might, at our discretion, request for a 20% deposit before delivery. While it’s rare that we will put up a request as such, certain items in our inventory are limited in stocks and it’s demand might require us to do just that.


Please Check

These items are either: 1. Items that have been launched awhile back or 2. Large, bulky items.

These items are usually not Ready-To-Ship. To order an indent item, please contact us for confirmation on stock availability.

As with Pre-Orders and Ready-To-Ship items, full payment serves as a confirmation of your order and is required prior to shipping.

 Return Policy

Nobody likes to receive a defective item. At TJP, we work closely with our suppliers to minimize such occurrences but in the unfortunate event that this happens, we will be glad to do what we can to make good the situation.

As such, we classify Items returns into three categories:

Manufacturing defects.

Items with manufacturing defects can be returned for exchange or replacement parts, if the defect is discovered within 7 days of receipt.

We will cover the costs for bringing in the replacement parts or exchange items.

Cosmetic defects

Cosmetic defects are defects that do not affect: 1. the range of motion 2. Operation of the toy or 3. The overall appearance of the item. Typical cosmetic defects include minor mis-paints.

We will try to obtain a replacement in such situations. However, returns will be subject to evaluation by the supplier(s).

Customers are required to arrange and bear the cost of returning the product.


Shipping Policy

All prices stated are inclusive of delivery within Singapore. For overseas orders, please contact us for a shipping quote prior to ordering.

Do note that all orders will be shipped only upon receipt of full payment.

 Other stuff to note:

  1. All prices are dominated in Singapore dollars
  2. TJP reserves the right to amend prices without prior notice.