TJP Net-Powered by That's Just Prime.

What is the TJP Net?
TJP net is an alliance consisting of retailers serving different clienteles, across different regions.
Products are sourced and secured by That's Just Prime. By consolidating orders, TJP Net members get to enjoy larger savings when making purchase. Larger savings means better profit margins.

Why us?
We ship twice weekly by air.
Our strong ties with our logistics partners means we can bring the products to you in typically a week or less. Sure it costs a little more but we improve your time to market- you get your products out to your customers in 10 days or less!

We offer dropshipping services
If you are still unsure if this is a viable business for your lifestyle, fret not- start off with our dropshipping services. You handle the marketing and order taking- we'll handle the rest!

We engage in marketing efforts- for you!
We include you in our own advertising efforts. At no extra cost.
We also forward potential sales leads to you.

• Simplified fulfilment.
We can oversee your entire logistics processes , from procurement to delivery. (within Singapore only)
We also offer a single point of contact for returns, saving you the hassle of liaising with multiple vendors for returns.

Is there a specific region that i need to be in to be part of this network?
No. You can be based anywhere! Do note that the cost of shipping the products to you varies according to your region.

Great! How do i start then?
1. Select your preferred sales platform and set up a sales portal. Common ones are Facebook, Instagram, Shopify etc.
2. Decide on your business model- A. drop-shipping (lowest margins), B. Direct sales (highest margins) C. Hybrid (low margins)
3. Send us a link to your sales portal. We will need to review your portal as part of the on-boarding process. Click here to join us now!